Roland SYS-510 Eurorack Synth Module (3 In 1 Synth Voice)

Roland SYS-510 Eurorack Synth Module (3 In 1 Synth Voice)

Roland SYS-510 Overview

The Roland System-500 Series - 510 Synth is a 3-in-1 Eurorack synthesizer voice module, well suited for designing an entry level setup or adding the sound of the classic Roland SYSTEM-100m to your rig. With its semi-modular design, the 510 requires minimal patching to generate sounds, but still allows you to override it's internal patching and route signal manually via patch points.

The 510 Synth features a single voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with three waveforms (square, triangle, saw), a classic, resonant, low-pass, voltage-controlled filter (VCF), and a built-in voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with exponential and linear settings, as well as high- and low-level outputs. The VCO offers a five octave range with a key input and a modulation input with attenuator. The square wave offers a manual PW slider and includes a PW CV input with an attenuator. The VCF includes a key input and a modulation input, both with attenuators. The filter is capable of self-oscillation and can be controlled like an oscillator via the key input. The VCA includes an initial knob for setting the base output of the VCA when using either of the two modulation inputs, which also include attenuators.

The semi-modular patch routing features the square wave output normalled to input 1 of the filter. The filter output is connected to input 1 of the VCA and VCA modulation 1 is connected to the VCF modulation input 2. The Roland 510 Synth includes four rack screws and a ribbon cable to connect to a Eurorack modular power supply (sold separately).