Presonus StudioLive16
Presonus StudioLive16

Presonus StudioLive16

The StudioLive 16 digital console/recorder is by far the most powerful mixer in its class. This third-generation StudioLive mixer is fully recallable, with 17 touch-sensitive, motorized faders and 17 recallable XMAX preamps. The StudioLive sound is better than ever, including all-new Fat Channel processing, re-engineered from the ground up, and vintage-style EQs and compressors. Add built-in AVB networking, onboard multitrack Capture recording to SD Card, and a complete suite of software, and you have a mixing and recording powerhouse that's equally formidable in live and studio applications.

• 17 touch-sensitive, motorized faders with 1-to-1 workflow
• RGB Select buttons with user-assignable colours
• Transport control
• All-new Fat Channel controls including 8 scribble strips, encoders, and multicolor buttons, customizable user layer, and 7-inch colour touchscreen

• Inputs and Outputs: 16 channel inputs (8 mic, 8 mic/line), 1 XLR Talkback mic input with recallable XMAX Class A preamp, 2 stereo Aux inputs, 10 FlexMix outputs (6 XLR, 4 balanced TRS), unbalanced stereo (RCA) tape input and output, Bluetooth 4.1 wireless tape input, stereo AES/EBU digital output, 2 XLR (L/R) Main outputs, XLR Main summed mono output, 2 TRS monitor outputs, Stereo headphone output
• Channels and Buses: 32 input channels, 2 stereo aux inputs
26 buses (16 FlexMixes, 4 dedicated subgroups, 4 internal effects sends, Stereo main bus), 24 Filter DCAs
• Networking Connections: 1 Ethernet control network port, 1 Ethercon AVB audio network port
• Recording: Onboard 34x34 SD recorder, 38x38 USB recording interface, 55x55 AVB recording interface
• Signal Processing: Intuitive Fat Channel signal processing on every channel, vintage EQ and compressor models available on every input, 8 31-band graphic EQs, 4 internal effects buses, Built-in real-time analyzer
• Metering/Displays: 7-inch color touchscreen, input meter on every channel, full-size Fat Channel metering
• Scenes and Presets: Create, save, and edit up to 100 scenes, create, save, and edit channel settings and copy/paste between channels
• Digital: Studio-quality converters with 115 dB dynamic range, 48 kHz operation with 24-bit resolution
• Integrated Software: UC Surface touch control software for Mac/Windows/iPad, Studio One Artist digital audio workstation + Capture multitrack recording for Mac and Windows