Fluid Audio FPX7 Monitor (each)
Fluid Audio FPX7 Monitor (each)

Fluid Audio FPX7 Monitor (each)

Fluid Audio's FPX7 Studio Monitor is a 2-way coaxial speaker, with an Air Motion Transformer tweeter and a paper pulp woofer; the tweeter is mounted onto the woofer for a tight vertical off-axis response. Each channel delivers 140W RMS of A/B bi-amplified power. While the 7" woofer and bass-reflex slot port cover the low end, the 1.1 x 1.7" tweeter is built to give accurate transient response for low distortion.

To match the FPX7 to your production environment, you can apply a low-frequency shelf with the adjustable Acoustic Space Control, minimizing boundary effects. The FPX7 has three trim options, enabling high-frequency adjustments. For clean low-noise power and a lot of headroom, Fluid Audio uses a toroidal transformer in the power supply.

Fluid Audio aims to decrease standing waves in the FPX7 cabinet by constructing it with medium-density fiberboard, which has internal damping properties, and by rounding the sides of the enclosure. The external heat sink is engineered to reduce cabinet temperatures for optimum performance.

  • Each channel delivers bi-amplified 140W Class A/B amplification (90W woofer / 50W tweeter)
  • AMT tweeter for transparent audio
  • Tweeter mounted in center of woofer for tighter vertical off-axis response
  • DSP for fine-tuning
  • Full-range symmetrical sound
  • Acoustic Space Control enables calibration to your mixing environment
  • High-frequency trim control
  • Bass-reflex slot port for expanded low frequency
  • 4-position volume fader on front baffle
  • Automatic standby function
  • External heat sink