Numark C3USB
Numark C3USB

Numark C3USB

The Numark C3USB 19" Rack Mountable DJ Mixer delivers the performance and quality in a simple straightforward design, that's well suited for mobile rigs, club install and home applications alike.

The C3USB features 10 line inputs and 3 (Dedicated) turntable inputs; plenty of inputs for turntables, CD players, MP3 players, etc. All the standard features are present and include crossfader cuing, replaceable main crossfader, comprehensive LED metering and more. The C3USB is a cost effective solution for the home DJ, clubs, restaurants, bars and mobile DJs.

On-board USB allows DJs to digitize and playback audio using there favorite Mac or PC recording software
The C3USB features 5 channels with 3-band EQ on each channel
Comprehensive LED metering
Durable 19" rack mountable enclosure